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A visit to African countries such as Togo, Benin and Ghana organized local guides. Get in touch!
Embark on an unforgettable experience and capture the essence of West Africa's colorful and lively culture, immersing yourself in history, art, architecture, landscapes, cultures, and cuisines of Togo, Ghana, and Benin.

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"Enjoy a worry-free travel experience with our local guides, safe transportation, and customized itineraries for your tours in Togo, Ghana, and Benin."

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Expérience locale à kpalimé et sur le mont Agou
Local experience

Immersive and authentic experience of local culture: Visit to traditional markets, participate in local activities such as cooking classes, cultural performances, or hands-on workshops.

Voiture et chauffeur pour voyager au Togo, Bénin et au Togo
Solo travelers

Travel at your own pace and create your own routes. New experiences and encounters. We provide safety and navigation to your unknown places.

Visite guidée et privée d'une journée de Lomé

Holiday tours, Cultural and historical tour, Adventure et outdoor activities, Relaxation and beach destinations, Sightseeing and city tours.

Randonnée sur les monts du Togo, Ghana et Bénin
Hiking & Discovery

Experience nature and open spaces, discover new destinations and landscapes. Learn more about local history and culture. A unique and immersive way to discover Africa.

Chauffeur et voiture pour voyager seul au Togo, Bénin et au Ghana
Transfer & Driver

Pick up and return to the airport or for your specific itineraries. Travel in total comfort with professional drivers.

Excursion touristique et activités à faire au Togo, Bénin et Ghana

Guided Tour, Cultural Experience, Day Trip, Museums and Historic Sites Tour. Give yourself in-depth and unique experiences.

Wo are we?

Tour operator in Togo, Miabétour brings together tourism experts from Lomé and Italy. We also have a strong community located around the world that shares the same visions and passions around tourism. Endowed with remarkable know-how, and especially the respect we give to professional secrecy. Through digital, we are able to meet the needs of these many visitors looking for new experiences. We are constantly looking at increased demands and concerns related to tourism to correct them and make the sector safer.

Our different services

Tourism in Africa

We promote tourism activities on the African continent. We also position ourselves as tourist actors who want to highlight to the whole world, not only hidden gems of our beloved continent Africa, but also traditions and cultures so sacred to our ancestors. We have understood this and you will also understand it, if at least travel allows you to get out of your comfort zone, and that explorations in Africa mean to go to discoveries, to open oneself to knowledge and finally to visit an extraordinary space because of the particularity of its landscape and its peoples, then Miabétour takes you safely and makes it possible to access sites in maximum comfort.

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Best things to do in Togo, Benin and Ghana with Miabétour! Your trusted guide in Africa


Cultural promotion, Local guide, Car rental, Shuttle, Road trip support, Tourist guide, Cross-border transfer Togo - Ghana - Benin, Sightseeing tours, Private driver, Long trip by car. We also assist you in all your tourism documentary projects.

place to visit in Benin
Attraction & Destination

Discover best African destinations for your journey. The most visited tourist attractions and tourist sites tours provided by local guides. Africa now within reach.


A team of experts available for any event. We follow instructions down to the last detail::
-Parties & Hobbies

Always ready & leastening to our community

We espacially focus our efforts in the academic field, thus allowing students to acquire entrepreneurial knowledges and experiences. we also intervene in agriculture field, health and orphans favor.

We are proud to serve a large customer base around the world. Our values and commercial policy duly attached to Africa's cultural realities prove our commitment to provide with expertise, quality services and patnership module.
To disccuss a partnership or promote services, please reach us on
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Miabétour, the trusted local tour agency in Togo, Bénin and Ghana.

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Cultural promotion, Shuttle, Road trip support, Border-crossing transfer in Togo - Ghana - Bénin, Tours, Private driver, Local guide, Accomodation, Car rental, African destination and tourist attractions promotion, Travel and tourism training program, Special training for students, Advice for tourists and travelers, Volontourism. We also assist in all tourist documentary projects.

Experience and tour in Benin, Togo and Ghana

Destination Africa

"Experience the authentic beauty, culture, and adventure of West Africa with our expertly crafted guided tours in Togo, Ghana, and Benin. Our program explores everything from the region's wildlife and natural wonders to its rich history and traditions, providing an immersive and memorable experience. Enjoy our experienced guides, customizable itineraries, and superior service to ensure a worry-free and exceptional trip."

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111 Destinations
257 Tours
317 Tourists
Best experiences in Togo, Ghana, Bénin with Miabétour

Activities and experiences full of emotions

Africa is an authentic continent with a captivating mix of antiquity, folklore and contemporary. Plan your holidays in Africa with our exceptional offers. Our packages:
Discovery, Culture and Tradition, Adventure, Holiday, Gastronomy, Sightseeing, Hiking.

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